Molded composite finished in matte silver with gloss neon orange accents.

The flowing lines of this piece of functional art reminded me of the aerodynamic, sexy lines on any McClaren.



Swift Engineering carbon fiber wing element from Michael Andretti’s Indy Car converted to a shelf utilizing under tray stays & mounts from the same car.

Circa: 1998

H 12 in. x W 40.125 in. x D 11.875 in.

Repurposing a piece of functional art was my purpose. I converted a carbon fiber wing element from Michael Andretti’s Swift Indycar chassis into a unique and extremely modern shelf utilizing authentic under tray stays and mounts from the same car, conceptualized while employed @ Swift Engineering as part of the team that designed & fabricated many INDYcar racing chassis, including Michael Andretti’s.

This Piece was at the forefront of my realization that I was an artist.

Stopping Time


Brake rotor from Al Unser Jr’s Team Penske Indycar converted to a timepiece with authentic fasteners and carbon fiber center.

This custom timepiece was born after a trip to Laguna Seca Raceway for an Indycar race in the 90’s after acquiring some used brake rotors from Al Unser Jr’s Penske Indy chassis. I was employed at Swift engineering at that time so I used authentic carbon fiber for the center and real NAS hardware to bolt it all together. This art project catapulted our Braketime rotor clocks into production.

Turn Back Time


Just what you want to do when you crash your exotic car… This mixed media combination gets the point across.

When I saw this wheel laying under the lift hoisting the S-600 Mercedes in my friends foreign car repair shop I noticed a big chunk missing, right then I saw it smacking a curb, & asked if I could have it, as it turned out the driver was drunk on New Years eve, drove the car at high speed directly into a curb, ripping all of the wheels & suspension off of the car. The vision I got Immediately what actually occurred.

The vision included utilizing one 22” chrome Giovanna wheel from an S-600 Mercedes-Benz hitting a concrete curb w/ martini @ 65 degrees on a .250 6061t-6 aluminum plate with leveling casters.


Braketime Automotive Clock


We all look forward to brake time, when racing you must be able to slow fast in order to go fast, races are won with horsepower and brakes. The Braketime clocks were designed with these facts in mind. Made from a laser cut brake rotor with an authentic carbon fiber center piece, features a second hand that moves continuously like a tachometer.

Dimensions: O.D. 11.5in x D 3in.

Finishing options include Anodized Colors and Second Hand options.

* Custom colors and laser marking are available

Braketime Cycling Clock


Designed for the cycling enthusiast, a laser cut stainless steel brake rotor backed with an authentic carbon fiber center piece creates a unique timepiece that can be displayed on a wall or desktop.

Dimensions: o.d. 7.25 in. x d 1.5in.
Rotor – brushed stainless steel
Carbon fiber center – gloss
Second hand – neon yellow

It is finished


This piece was conceptualized at Swift Engineering, It is a mixture of modern materials and finishes.Starting out with Ren-Shape (a material used to lay-up carbon fiber race car parts) I hand sculpted it, it has 8 different angles that would be very efficient in the wind tunnel, once shaped it was primed and painted Scuderia Rosso (authentic Ferrari red).The sculpted shape was then bonded to an authentic carbon fiber panel with a matte finish which was mounted to a 6061t-6 aluminum plate with a brushed, hard anodized finish, The industrial polished ball bearing completes this extraordinary exclamation point.


Brushed hard anodized .375  6061t-6 aluminum plate , matte caron fiber, Renshape, Ferrari Scuderia Rosso paint 1.125 industrial ball bearing.


8.562” w x 19.625”h x .500 d