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Laser cut stainless steel with a satin finish is backed by authentic carbon fiber and mounted with a unique system.



Modern industrial table constructed from Carob wood, steel and aluminum. Adjustable height from 15in. to 21in. The aluminum middle shelf can also be adjusted from 3.3in. to 8in.

Top platform – w 30in. x d 20in.
Middle shelf – o.d. 14in.
Base – o.d. 12in.

Satin clear coat finish



Redwood slab table with integrated trough for wine, candles or succulents. Steel base and supports have a sandblasted copper finish.

Dimensions: W-27″ x L-88″ x T- 3-1/4″ x T- 30-1/2″

Braketime Automotive Clock


We all look forward to brake time, when racing you must be able to slow fast in order to go fast, races are won with horsepower and brakes. The Braketime clocks were designed with these facts in mind. Made from a laser cut brake rotor with an authentic carbon fiber center piece, features a second hand that moves continuously like a tachometer.

Dimensions: O.D. 11.5in x D 3in.

Finishing options include Anodized Colors and Second Hand options.

* Custom colors and laser marking are available

Braketime Cycling Clock


Designed for the cycling enthusiast, a laser cut stainless steel brake rotor backed with an authentic carbon fiber center piece creates a unique timepiece that can be displayed on a wall or desktop.

Dimensions: o.d. 7.25 in. x d 1.5in.
Rotor – brushed stainless steel
Carbon fiber center – gloss
Second hand – neon yellow



Minimal and elegant, the contour chair is perfect by itself or in groups for indoor or outdoor seating. Fabricated from stainless steel, it features a satin finish and rests on Teflon guides to protect flooring surfaces.

Expect a 3-4 week delivery time for this custom product.



Swift Engineering carbon fiber wing element from Michael Andretti’s Indy Car converted to a shelf utilizing under tray stays & mounts from the same car.

Circa: 1998

H 12 in. x W 40.125 in. x D 11.875 in.

Repurposing a piece of functional art was my purpose. I converted a carbon fiber wing element from Michael Andretti’s Swift Indycar chassis into a unique and extremely modern shelf utilizing authentic under tray stays and mounts from the same car, conceptualized while employed @ Swift Engineering as part of the team that designed & fabricated many INDYcar racing chassis, including Michael Andretti’s.

This Piece was at the forefront of my realization that I was an artist.



Custom desk fabricated from cast sandblasted tapered aluminum legs, old growth walnut burl with the live edge exposed capturing the vintage wire glass in a milled slot in the ends which are connected by a walnut beam with the live edge exposed as well. Minimal yet bold.

Feng Sushi


Authentic hardwood sushi planks with staggered brushed stainless steel legs to emulate a japanese clog when viewing from the side.

Dimensions: w 8.250 × d 15.375 × h 1.375 in
Exotic hardwood: Zebra or Wenge with food safe clear coat.
Stainless steel supports: Brushed



Authentic hardwood cheese serving platter with brushed stainless steel supports.

Dimensions: W 18in. x D 7.750in. x H 1.5in.
Exotic hardwood: Zebra or Wenge with food safe clear coat.
Stainless steel supports: Brushed

It is finished


This piece was conceptualized at Swift Engineering, It is a mixture of modern materials and finishes.Starting out with Ren-Shape (a material used to lay-up carbon fiber race car parts) I hand sculpted it, it has 8 different angles that would be very efficient in the wind tunnel, once shaped it was primed and painted Scuderia Rosso (authentic Ferrari red).The sculpted shape was then bonded to an authentic carbon fiber panel with a matte finish which was mounted to a 6061t-6 aluminum plate with a brushed, hard anodized finish, The industrial polished ball bearing completes this extraordinary exclamation point.


Brushed hard anodized .375  6061t-6 aluminum plate , matte caron fiber, Renshape, Ferrari Scuderia Rosso paint 1.125 industrial ball bearing.


8.562” w x 19.625”h x .500 d



Laser cut stainless steel cradles mounted to an  exotic wood plank creates a custom bottle  holder that you will want to display as much as your collection.


  • Petit: w 4” x t 24” x d4.5”
  • Magnum: w 4” x t 48” x d 4.5”

Finish Options

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Cradles
  • Exotic Wood:  Sepele or Wenge

* Custom sizes, exotic wood and laser marking are available upon request.



Launch clothing hampers consist of a cylindrical enclosure with an exotic wood veneer exterior, a perforated brushed aluminum lid that opens 115 degrees to allow access to the removable catch bag. Mounted on ball casters for ease of mobility.



Elegant, unique and minimal this design features hidden adjustable supports which allow for the table to be levitating. The floating appearance can be adjusted up or down to not appear floating at all.

Libation Station


A tea light candle shelf and a wine and cheese serving platform machined from 22- ply Finland birch have a Cabernet stain with a satin clear coat are mounted on laser-cut steel supports with a patina finish that hold and display 34 bottles.



Molded composite finished in matte silver with gloss neon orange accents.

The flowing lines of this piece of functional art reminded me of the aerodynamic, sexy lines on any McClaren.